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Unity Solar is your premier solar installer in Beaverton Oregon, with locations in Portland and Vancouver, our reach extends across Oregon and Washington for all your solar installation needs. When it comes to embracing renewable energy within the beautiful city of Beaverton, Oregon, we understand the unique opportunities and challenges our clients face. Our commitment is not only to provide top-notch solar solutions but also to foster a sustainable environment for future generations.

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Oregon Solar Incentives

The Federal Solar Tax Credit, also known as the Investment Tax Credit (ITC), incentivizes investments in solar energy systems. This credit is accessible to both residential and commercial clients. Currently, the ITC allows a deduction of 30% of the installation cost of a solar energy system from your federal taxes for systems installed between 2022 and 2032.

Here’s how it works: If you install a solar panel system costing $10,000, you will reduce your federal taxes by $3,000 the following year. The ITC applies to the total system cost, encompassing both equipment and labor expenses.

Keep in mind that the ITC is available only to customers who own their solar energy systems, not those who lease them or enter into power purchase agreements (PPAs), which are forms of third-party ownership.

It is important to note that the ITC rate will decrease in the coming years. The credit will reduce to 26% for systems installed in 2033 and to 22% for systems installed in 2034. For more information, visit the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy website.

Discover the solar energy incentives offered by the Energy Trust of Oregon, tailored for homeowners depending on their electric utility provider. If you’re a resident served by Portland General Electric or Pacific Power, you can benefit from a $400 rebate for a home solar system. Additionally, you can receive an extra $250 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) of solar battery capacity, with a maximum rebate of $3,000.

The Solar Within Reach Program is designed for Portland General Electric or Pacific Power customers who meet specific income eligibility criteria. For example, a single-person household must have a maximum gross annual income of $62,530, while a four-person household must not exceed $120,252.

This program partners exclusively with Energy Trust-approved solar contractors. When you receive the Energy Trust cash incentive, it is sent directly to your contractor and deducted from your invoice, reducing the overall cost of your solar installation.

The cash incentive amount from the Energy Trust varies based on your system’s size and your electric utility provider:

  • For Portland General Electric customers, the solar incentive is $0.90 per watt, up to a maximum of $5,400 per home, and the storage incentive is $750 per kWh, up to a maximum of $10,000 per home.
  • For Pacific Power customers, the solar incentive is $1.00 per watt, up to a maximum of $6,000 per home, with the same storage incentive as Portland General Electric customers.

Once your system is installed and verified, you can claim tax credits when filing your taxes. For more details, please visit the official Solar Within Reach Program website.

In Oregon, utilities are mandated by law to provide net metering, allowing solar panel owners to earn credits for excess electricity they generate and send back to the grid. These credits can be used to offset the electricity drawn from the utility when the solar panels are not producing enough energy.

A significant benefit of this policy is that solar system owners can accumulate credits during sunny periods and utilize them during times of lower solar output, such as the cloudy winter months in Oregon.

Furthermore, if solar energy system owners generate more electricity than they use in a given month, they won’t incur any kilowatt-hour charges on their electric bill. They will only need to pay the basic utility service fees, which are usually minimal.

It’s important to understand that the specifics and regulations of net metering programs can differ among utility companies in Oregon. For the latest and most detailed information on Oregon’s net metering policies, please visit the Oregon Public Utility Commission’s official website.

Beyond statewide incentives, several Oregon cities also offer local programs to promote solar energy adoption.

In Eugene, the Eugene Water and Electric Board (EWEB) provides a rebate program for eligible customers, offering $0.40 per watt installed, up to $2,000. This incentive is limited by an annual budget and is distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information, visit the EWEB website.

Salem Electric offers its customers a $300 per kW installed rebate, with a cap of 50% of project costs or $1,500, whichever is lower. This incentive applies to qualifying solar systems that are net metered, have a capacity of 25kW or less, and adhere to Salem Electric’s Net Metering Policy. More details can be found on the Salem Electric website.

In Ashland, residents are eligible for a $600 rebate when they install home solar systems.



Solar panels can significantly reduce your electricity bills, increase your home’s value, and help reduce your carbon footprint by using clean, renewable energy.

Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity through photovoltaic (PV) cells, which generate DC electricity. This electricity is then converted into AC electricity by an inverter for use in your home.

Oregon offers several incentives, including the Residential Energy Tax Credit (RETC), which provides a tax credit for qualifying solar installations. Additionally, the federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) allows you to deduct a percentage of the cost of your solar energy system from your federal taxes.

To qualify for RETC, your solar installation must meet certain requirements for efficiency and system size. Unity Solar can guide you through the application process.

Net metering allows you to sell excess electricity generated by your solar panels back to the grid for credits on your utility bill. Oregon has favorable net metering policies that support solar energy adoption.

Some local utility companies and municipalities in Oregon may offer additional rebates or incentives for installing solar panels. Unity Solar can help you identify and apply for these incentives.

The ITC allows homeowners to deduct 26% of the cost of their solar energy system from their federal taxes. This incentive reduces the upfront cost of going solar and is applicable nationwide, including Oregon.

The time it takes to install a solar panel system varies based on factors such as system size and complexity. Typically, installation can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Solar panels generally require minimal maintenance. Periodic cleaning to remove dirt and debris is recommended, and Unity Solar provides maintenance services to ensure your system operates efficiently.

Most homes in Oregon can benefit from solar panels, especially those with unobstructed access to sunlight throughout the day. Unity Solar offers consultations to assess your home’s solar potential and provide tailored recommendations.



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Switching to solar power with Unity Solar in Oregon or Washington offers significant savings on your energy bills. By utilizing the Unity Solar savings calculator tool, you can accurately estimate your potential savings based on your current energy usage and local solar incentives. With state and federal incentives, including tax credits and rebates, the initial investment in solar panels becomes even more affordable. See what you could save today!

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**The solar savings calculator provides an estimate of potential savings based on general assumptions. Actual savings may vary due to factors such as individual energy usage, specific local incentives, installation costs, and other variables. For a comprehensive and accurate assessment, please request an estimate and site survey.

Monthly Electric Bill

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20 Year


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At Unity Solar, we set ourselves apart by not only selling solar panels but also taking care of the installation and servicing of the systems ourselves. Unlike many national companies that may outsource these critical tasks, we ensure that every aspect of your solar project is handled by our expert team. This hands-on approach allows us to maintain the highest standards of quality and reliability, offering personalized solutions tailored to your specific needs. As a local business, we understand the nuances of the Pacific Northwest’s climate and how to optimize your solar investment in Beaverton. Together, let’s power Beaverton with the sun!


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They did a wonderful job installing my solar system. Tried several other places that seemed like used car sales, but with Unity Solar you deal with the electricians directly. Explained the latest Q Cell panels, tax credit, system options, financing options, and even took care of the permitting process. Enjoyed a $300 savings on my first month alone. Highly recommend! You even get an easy phone app that tracks each panels production.

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I received four proposals for a 8.9kw solar project on my 3 year old house in Battle Ground. I went with Unity Solar. They not only had the best price, they answered all my questions about the process, and were on the Clark PUD Solar Contractors list. They finished work ahead of schedule and on budget. I got positive reviews from prior customers. The system is online and working perfectly. I strongly recommend Unity Solar.

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