Washington Solar Panel Installation

Unity Solar is one of the leading Solar Panel installers in Washington. Washington homes owners can save thousands of dollars on the purchase of a solar power system plus get a federal tax credit!

Why Choose Us?

  • We install and service the systems we sell, most companies hire it out.
  • We are electricians by trade. We know power.
  • We offer fair and honest pricing with no “sales pitch”
  • We are local. Located in SW Washington we serve Oregon and Washington homeowners.
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Your Solar Installer In Vancouver WA & SW Washington

Investing in solar energy is a step forward to a sustainable future. Unity Solar, a leading solar panel installation service in Vancouver and Clark County WA, aims to help residents and businesses in the area tap into the power of the sun and reap the rewards. With the growing urgency to switch to renewable energy sources, Unity Solar makes the transition smooth, cost-effective, and beneficial for all our customers.

Located in  Washington State, Unity Solar has been in the vanguard of renewable energy solutions for years. We offer top-tier solar panel installation services in Washington, ensuring our clients receive efficient and professional service from consultation to installation. Our team comprises highly experienced technicians who employ the best industry practices to deliver a seamless solar installation experience. With Unity Solar, going solar has never been more comfortable.

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Washington Homeowners Don’t pay sales tax on equipment or installation cost.


2023 is the final year for the federal tax credit up to 1/3 of your solar panel system cost!


Reduce your energy cost to as little as $0 with Solar

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Electric Bill

We get a copy of your current electric bill to determine the amount of power your home needs.

Free Estimate

We send you a free estimate and design proposal for your solar system.

Payment or Financing

Once you approve design proposal we require 50% payment to begin work. Puget Sound Community Credit Union offers great financing options.


A licensed site surveyor will come to take exact measurements for your proposed solar system.


We complete an engineered design of your proposed system to be submitted to your local city/county.


Unlike almost all other solar companies, we handle all of our own installs, we never sub contract it out.


With install complete, an inspector will come out to verify proper installation and connections.

Start Saving

Power is turned on and you start saving on your monthly energy costs.



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Solar energy is abundant and free. By leveraging solar panel systems, Washington residents can benefit from significant savings on their utility bills and reduced reliance on the grid. Unity Solar’s advanced solar technology is designed to harness maximum solar power, delivering top performance and remarkable energy efficiency for your home or business. Our solar installations are a testament to our commitment to promoting green energy in Washington.

There are several reasons why solar panel installation is a wise decision. Firstly, it’s an environmentally-friendly energy solution that reduces carbon emissions. Secondly, with the rising costs of conventional energy sources, solar power offers a financially viable alternative. Lastly, solar installations increase property values, making them a sound investment.

The State of Washington offers No Tax installations making it a profitable investment for residents of the Northwest. The Renewable Energy System Incentive Program provides fiscal incentives based on the kilowatt-hour production of your solar system.

Furthermore, Washington State’s Net Metering policy allows solar system owners to receive credit for excess solar energy fed back into the grid. This policy further reduces the cost of your utility bills and enables you to recoup your solar system investment faster.

Moreover, the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) reduces the cost of solar installations by 30%, allowing owners to deduct a percentage of the installation costs from their federal taxes. Together, these incentives make solar panel installation an economically advantageous proposition in Washington State.

At Unity Solar, we strive to make the process of solar panel installation as hassle-free as possible. We guide you through every step of the process, from initial consultation to installation and beyond.

We’ll assess your property and energy needs, design a customized solar system that suits your requirements, and manage the complete installation. Post-installation, we’ll ensure that your system is functioning at its best, providing regular maintenance and system checks.

Unity Solar is committed to delivering exceptional customer service, superior installations, and ongoing support to ensure our clients enjoy the full benefits of their solar panel systems. Our dedication to renewable energy and our customers has cemented us as the go-to choice for solar panel installation in Washington.

Unity Solar stands at the forefront of the green energy revolution in Washington. With an unrelenting commitment to quality, professionalism, and sustainability, we’ve been instrumental in helping Washington residents harness solar power, reduce their carbon footprint, and enjoy substantial savings.

With the generous solar incentives in Washington State and the economic and environmental benefits of solar energy, there’s never been a better time to go solar. Join the solar revolution with Unity Solar, and let’s create a sustainable future together.

Unity Solar is more than just a solar panel installation company. We’re your partners in making Washington a beacon of sustainable and renewable energy. Contact us today to start your journey toward a green energy future.